Time to be a Programmer

Is this the best time to be a programmer in Indonesia?

Indonesian tech startups are gaining momentum in recent years as more VCs are investing into local startups. Big names such as Sequoia Capital have entered the country by funding Tokopedia (together with SoftBank) and Gojek. Chinese VCs also getting more active too. Gobi partners latest investment on Oramy (former MoxyBilna) is a proof to the statement. Now, it means they pursue growth more than ever. To sustain the required growth rate, they need to grow as well, in term of size and organization.

On Learning to Code

My friend at office asked me recently “Can I learn to code by myself?”. You may have probably encountered one or two posts that talk about it elsewhere. And they point to the same answer as mine: “yes you can”. As a background, I receive a formal education in Information System (which had less computer science-related courses than computer science or informatics major) and it’s past a decade when I wrote my first Hello World!

Hello, my name is Nauval. I like building/crafting things. I code for living. I blog in my spare time.

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