Setting Up Custom Domain for GitHub Pages

It has been a couple days since is online, and to be honest the process was not as hard as I had imagined. Kudos to David Ensinger who has written in details on how he set up his custom domain for his GitHub pages and tweak it to get faster by using cloudflare. All the needed information to do this can be found there.

I purchased this this domain name at NameCheap, as suggested by David’s post, with just a bit more than five bucks for a year. Then, I used the free plan of CloudFlare for the DNSs, which I think it is sufficient for my need, and set up the DNS records using CNAME on the CloudFlare panel to point to my GitHub Pages address. Lastly, I add a CNAME file in the root directory of my GitHub Pages repository to redirect it. And that’s it, practically the process is done after you transfer the DNS from NameCheap to CloudFlare, you may need to wait for a while to make the changes take effect.

It took me less than three hours, more or less, to make my custom domain accessible. Frankly, I spent more hours thinking the custom domain name I should use than did the actual setup. I am quite happy with the setup, hosting static pages on GitHub is right decision. It is simple, easy and particularly fast, well it’s static html pages anyway.

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